Business Process Analysis

Deliver enhanced customer and employee experience and transform your business

Business process analysis is a powerful visual technique that identifies systemic disconnects in your organization. It can be used to engage executives to think differently about process, to see it as a way to make decisions about priorities and raise the conversation to a strategic level. It also drives out costs, standardizes work execution, and contributes to more efficient routine work. There are a number of techniques that embrace unstructured and collaborative work to make it more effective, such as automated process discovery, capability analysis, social network analysis, decision modeling, shadowing workers, etc.

Profitability is the goal of most organizations, and process analysis is just a means to that end. It’s definitely not the end! The outcome of analysis is to generate value for the organization. One of the common mistakes organizations make is to dwell too long on the “as is” analysis, documenting every detail.

Exandor works with you to find smarter and effective ways of discovering and analyzing processes.

Learn why data is the driving force for business success in our digital age, including why enterprise and process architects should care.

Automate process discovery and analyse effectively

Process Mining is a niche field of data mining where process information that meets specific criteria can be used to automatically generate process models, and focus on the analysis and conformance aspects in greater detail. Using process mining and auto-discovery techniques,  we can eliminate the need for stakeholder interviews, time-consuming and costly workshops and other qualitative methods.

Leverage powerful statistical and analytic capabilities to discover the unexpected

Identify variation; perform design of experiments; multivariate analysis; quality and reliability analysis; graphing and charting; and more using statistical analysis  tools.

Manage the Change Portfolio

Learn to manage the change initiatives portfolio, using a methodology-based approach and the right process improvement tools. Enhance your teams’ capability to benchmark and measure the change impact across similar projects.

Lean Six Sigma Yellow and Green Belt Certification Training

The Lean Six Sigma Yellow and Green Belt Certification modules are the initial stages on the path to a Lean Six Sigma Masters. In these, you’ll learn the core principles of Lean Six Sigma, how to implement quality projects and applications, and how to use the JMP tool for effective statistical analysis. The course is accredited by CSSC , and integrates the Lean and DMAIC methodologies using case studies and real-life examples. We currently offer customized training to corporates  on specific requests.

Process Analysis Tool Partners

We partner with algorithm-based diagnostics software vendors to define and track change projects consistently across the organization.

We partner with process mining tools whose intelligence allows for intuitive process visualization, easy assessment of bottlenecks and variances, thus resulting in significant cost savings.

We are authorized training and consulting partners of statistical analysis and reporting tools.  The tools makes it easy to see and explore data, spot relationships and hidden trends, dig into areas of interest, and move in new directions.