BPM Delivery

Exandor has expertise across the entire business process management lifecycle, with specialized skills to deliver services in each phase.

Process Modelling

We help discover and collate process data, model processes for documentation, prioritization or regulatory requirements. We also use discovery tools to generate process models automatically where event data is available in process systems.

Process Analysis

We identify what-if scenarios, perform analysis, conduct simulation of processes to enable on the optimal processes to implement. Process mining and quality analytical tools assist organizations to identify bottlenecks and identify solutions quickly.

Process Design

We support design of processes for both, execution in non-automated environment and implementation using automated solutions. We also define business rules, process metrics, organization structures and activity mapping to augment the implementation.

Process Implementation

We involve directly for non-automated execution of processes, while we work with solution vendors to implement process automation, such as Regular or Intelligent Business Process Management Solutions (BPMS / iBPMS), Robotics Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Process Monitoring

We assess conformance of executed processes against defined process models and established metrics, create reports, dashboards, etc., thus evaluating conformance to defined processes and enabling continuous improvement.