BPM Consulting Services

BPM Methods and Tools

Selecting a Process Modelling and Workflow Solution

Though organizations realize the necessity of having a good BPM solution, it is difficult to decide on what kind of solution works best for them. With options ranging from hosted environments to cloud-based solutions and pure-play BPM to RPA-integrated solutions, it is a challenge to quickly make a purchase decision. We work with your organization to understand your needs, get stakeholders aligned on what the process priorities are and the key criteria required in a solution.

We help define key assessment criteria, their weightage based on industry experience and knowledge of a wide range of BPM vendors available in the market, to help you decide on the solution that fits your needs. We have ready-to-use kits containing BPM Tool Needs Assessment, Tools Criteria, Software Selection Project Plan and Guide, Templates for Request for Information and Request for Proposals, and other relevant tools that will help you procure the solution without hassles.

Creating Process Modelling and Design Standards

We help define standards for documenting your current (AS-IS) and future (TO-BE) processes along with relevant supporting aspects that would make the process definition complete. Process information will contain aspects like triggers, inputs, process descriptions, activities, events, decisions, success criteria and more.

We have expertise in various process modelling and design methodologies, and can enable you to create consistent process documentation across various functions and businesses in your organization. This will ensure that your employees have a similar understanding of all aspects of the process. This also provides a comprehensive and up-to-date documentation of your business processes that also serves as a basis for audits and certifications for processes.

Process Architecture and Library Design

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BPM Delivery

Process Analysis and Design Methodology

Objectives of process analysis and design are increased employee & customer experience, process efficiency, improved quality, and cost reduction.

With more than 40 years of collective experience, we can support your initiatives in process improvement and (re-)design. We help you improve quality and efficiency as well as turnover and profits by reducing production waste, costs, lead and processing times. Putting your employees and customers in the centre of all considerations, we help deliver satisfaction to all involved parties in the value chain.

Digital Process Automation

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Process Measurement and Controls

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BPM Operations

Business Process Management Maturity

Process Maturity Assessment is a methodology that evaluates the shape of the organization along critical operating model lenses. Criteria are evaluated around attributes such as process structure, configuration, automation, location, sources, governance and performance.

Questions related to process and corresponding org structure and governance provides a view of current state with a self-assessed ‘no-regret’ roadmap to the target state. The impact assessment of design choices also help draft business case and prioritise implementation.

Process Performance Management

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Process Knowledge Management

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Change Implementation Programme / Project Management

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Process Audit and Conformance

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Process Controls

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BPM Governance

Leading Business Process Innovation

We provide strategic skills for yielding innovation in an organization via BPM. With our support, your teams will be able to embed improvement approaches within an overarching organizational strategy, assess the progress of innovation initiatives, secure quality support and dissolve resistance.

We help identify pain areas requiring build of an innovation value proposition and a portfolio, assess the current maturity for automation, design a strategy for achieving a target BPM state along with the required governance and communication.

Process Governance Framework

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Setting up a BPM Organization

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