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Life Skills from an Organisation Perspective

Organisations look out for people not only with core technical skills but also with soft skills. While technical skills are easier to assess, it is challenging to measure soft skills as they are subjective and perception-based. Some employers have an exhaustive list of soft skills that they tick during hiring or performance assessment, while a […]

The People Process

Background This is in continuation of my earlier blog on the 3 key process areas in an organisation.   The general definition of an organisation is “an entity comprising of multiple people that has a particular purpose”. The focus is the terms people and purpose here. In an organisation, two or more people get together […]

3 Elements of a Process-driven Organisation

Background In my earlier article 4 Stages of Process Competence, we visualized a perspective of a process-driven organisation. (Snapshot in the cover image).    The three core areas of the organization are its People, Strategy and Operations, with all of them coming under an all-encompassing umbrella of processes. The visualisation does not intend to create […]

4 Stages of Process Competence

Context The core elements for successful execution in any organisation are its People, its Strategy and its Operations. The common threads that connect these elements are ‘Processes’. Each of the elements are run by respective processes, when complementing each other will deliver the desired outcomes and if not aligned with one another will result in […]

RPA to Radical Universal Automation

Background Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as a concept has its beginning in early 2000s. But eventually became popular among large organizations only in around 2015. The last two years have made it a real ‘hot’ term in technology innovation, so much so that two of the top three companies in this space have become unicorns […]

Exandor is a business partner of Enate

Exandor is proud to be associated as a business partner of Enate. Enate is a SaaS-based technology platform catering to a global marketplace. It coordinates the delivery and management of services across a digital and human workforce. It creates a strong backbone for transformation to digital services regardless of maturity levels in business automation. The Enate […]

Exandor is a business partner of Axon Ivy

Exandor is proud to be associated as Axon Ivy’s business partner. Axon Ivy is one of the top leaders in intelligent Business Process Management Suites in 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant. AXON Ivy Digital Business Platform’s core competency is process digitalisation and automation. This solution helps companies to run processes across various underlying systems more effectively […]

White Paper: Process Driven Approach to GDPR Compliance

Background Historically all organizations have been compartmentalized into capabilities. This is not only to manage them better but also to ensure adequate control. But those were the days when either people were co-located, or if not, they had very frequent direct interactions. With organizations becoming global and most processes getting automated, inter-personal distance has superseded […]

The What vs. The How in an Organization

The What (Capabilities) Organizations need to look at their overall vision, their goals and their strategy to come up with What they should do to achieve them. These Whats are known or called by many as Capabilities. Examples are Customer Relationship Management, Procurement, Product Management, Cash Management, Risk Management, Facility Operations, Process Design, Regulatory Reporting, […]